The Hellfreaks Astoria review by


The new release by the Hellfreaks is a new Generation album according the band. The new line-up as of course something to do with that idea, but also the music sounds fresh and young. For 38 minutes long you can hear a modern version of Punkrock. High speed, adrenaline infused rock with a melodic punch, rocking guitars and good-looking female singer. The world we live in is there basis for inspiration and you can clearly hear that in their lyrics. Add to that some well-known speeches, top-notch quality and you know what you might expect. They dropped the horror punk label from the past and became a fully-grown (adult) punk band overnight. 

Shakey Sue is comfortable in her role as female singer of the band and she knows how to handle the boys without doubt. If they produce some hardcore riffs or if they come up with something poppy Sue is always there to catch the song and make something special out of. Check out I’m Away or Your Call before you indulge yourself in this new album, but I’m pretty sure that in the end you will agree with me, this is rock and roll inspired punk at its best.

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