Hell Sweet Hell (2010)

Lucifer was in the heaven
And made a huge party
Burning wings and dying angels
Lying on the street
People cry ’cause they don’t know
What happens over them
Rain is not water anymore
Blood falls on they head
Hell Sweet Hell, yeahyeahyeah!
Hell Sweet Hell - humans yell
Hell Sweet Hell, yeahyeahyeah!
Hell Sweet Hell – dead bodies smell
Goodness of earth departs
End of the world starts
Hellgat is open now
Werewolfs starts to howl
Vampires drink they blood
And zombies, zombies, zombies starts to scud

If I die today I know I have only one way
So if I die today I don’t have to be afraid
Cause I will burn in hell
Long time ago, but you can’t remember
What I have done and which way I entered
Only to know how it is not to fear, only to know …
The master of death said that I should sign it
To be one of them, sucking blood and biting
Only to know how it is to kill
I had to break all the rules only to make me satisfied
I’ve drunk all the blood and told everyone those lies
If I die today I know I have only one way
So if I die today I don’t have to be afraid
I get out of control when the sun goes down
I don’t need your soul but the taste of blood
Only to know how it is not to fear
Only to know how it is to kill
I swear I be a good girl, I wont run away
Here comes the boogieman - please let me out
I will do everything no matter what you say
Here comes the boogieman - please let me out
The boogie, the woogie, the boogieman
Alone at my sweet home I shut off all the lights
My day was long and I want to sleep at night 
Early I went to bed and got a bed and got a book to read
How should I had to know that I must hide and seek?
I closed my eyes nothing made any sound
But than I heard his breath clearly and loud
It was next to my ear: Oh why does life me ban?!
How should I had to know – It was the boogieman!
Tales over the graveyard are gonna be true tonight
A cat who knows the death but fights for life
Lives along the highway and has no place called home
She just takes care of that all her friends are gone
Now she’s alone just on her own
Living dead cat walks through the night
No one cares if she’s dead or alive
She has nowhere to go, not a place to call home
Living dead cat walks through the night

As kitties hanged around together almost each day and night
They just wanted stay together being side by side
Played hare and hounds when happiness must die
Everything has changed when this car went by
No chances to try to say goodbye
 I know sometimes I lose my head
But my sweetheart was very bad
His skull is now my paper-weight
My dear, thats a never ending date
My babe is my paperweight, oh I loved him so
My babe is my paperweight,  but he had to go
My babe is my paperweight,  he had to pay for
I have 100 of paperweights, so I need no  more
He took my hands and confessed that he loves me
And imprinted my name in a cherry-tree
I was as happy as I always wanna be
So should I let him go? No!
But he forgot to confess that he betrayed me
Last week that bimbo had number of quikies
I felt as outraged as I never wanna be
So should I let him go? No!

Each night Mr Dead Dead Kiss
Make love with a dead dead chick
Look out for the dead dead kiss
Cause no one will that dead dead miss 
Jackie went out with her friends
Last day before the springbreak ends
In the disco all night long
Searchin for a lonely dong
The perfect man stood at the bar
And Smokin on a big cigar
He cocked his eye when Jackie smiled
 Looked forward to his little guile
 Invites her for a lot of drinks
As much that she could not rethink
She let herself go more and more
But Jackie stopped front of his door
„ Babe why dont you come up to me ?”
 He asked her and kissed Jackie
„ At rise of day I have a flight
Thats why I can’t, cause I’ll be late”
But when she arrived from her trip
She got an abscess on her lip
The doctor stuttered „Oh my God
Cadaverin get in your blood!”
You got a sick, a sick, sick soul
You got a sick – you’re so sick, sick, sick!

Do you know what I mean when you stay in the line
To pay at the cashier and someone leaves you behind
There is no return, your hands start to shake
Of hate your eyes burn, everyone irritates
You’re quick about your car, but have to wait at the light
Before you a loser simply can’t start in time
You don’t sound the horn, cause you know it won’t help
You just want to break, break in his head

When you fall in love you don’t know what you do
You want to choke her until her face is blue
When you hug her you would hug her as hard
As all of her ribs would break in your arms

An unvisible force that you don’t understand
You can’t resist them, it controlls your hand
You’re only satisfied if you see others pain
You’ve to drink some blood instead of champaigne

She was a queen of the psycho scene – monsters of the night wanted to be by her side
She was a queen of the psycho scene – all creatures would die for her being their bride
She was a queen, was a queen, was a queen of the psycho scene

A goddes of the night, noone resist her smile
What a beauty, you don’t believe your eyes
Tats on her arms, creeper on her feet
When she walks you hear the devil’s beat
So creepy, a hot hellbunny from the underground
So freaky, a horrorchick from the underworld
Day after day, years ran away
She suspected, that something went strange
Voices in her head said it will be her end
And realized, she’s not dreaming all that

Each day she met another gentlemen
Werewolfs, ghouls and some demons
In the graveyard hand in hand
Made love and felt no regret
Curse gets alive, sins spoils her soul
No return, the beauty dies slow
Her heart can’t forget, turns bite after bite
Into the slave of the night…

Everybody moves around
Makes a giant wrecking mound
Tonight belongs to us
Psycho wrecking tonight

Darkness swallowed the light of the moon
Alone I walked down the street
I felt a cold breeze in my neck
That was the moment I started to fear
I ran as fast and as far as I can
But there was no place to hide
He grabbed my leg, this creature of hell
And  whispered: „You’ re on the wrong side”
Rock-a-billy is too soft,
My legs don t move and I don’t rock
Psychobilly  is my life
People dancing lindyhop
But we prefer the wrecking stuff
Hey that’s alright mama
But how could it be alright
Playing 1000 times the blue suede shoes
That’s sick and not alright!
A rockabilly rebel from
Your head, to your toe
But when I look in your eyes
There’s no wildness, just a fuckin’ empty soul
I dont care - Elvis Presley
I dont care - Buddy Holly
I dont care - Rock-a-billy, I dont care
Is it true that you love Peggy Sue?
You are a real big fool!
Cause last night also Mike and Andy
Sid and Sandy loved Peggy Sue
Billion different words for
What you are gonna feel
Anger, love, a broken heart
Your own experience, words you should not steel

So I’m standing on a foggy hill
Look more than six feet down
Where you should lie, and rest in peace
I can hear crazy sound
Cause it’s a horrorshow, a fuckin horrorshow
In the graveyard a bloody horroshow
Cause it’s a horrorshow, a fuckin horrorshow
In the graveyard a bloody horroshow
I took the wrong way at night
Now I stay under a burned out light
From a distance there’s an evil voice
No way to run away! No way to run away!
Flameouts show me the way to the noise
They all dance on the coffins top,
Skeletons together rock
And I dance with the death all night long.
No way to run away ! No way to run away !
At least at sunrise I’ll be sure I made it wrong
You don’t have to cry
If you know you must die
You’re only desire comes true