Circus Of Shame (2012)

Where am I? Am I awake? What happens here again ? 
Is this real or was our lifes always closed in a big tent ? 
“Ladies and Gents the show is starting 
Take your seats and stop your talking 
Acrobats gonna risk their lifes only for you“
I saw the eyes of the ringmaster 
Bloody, black, full of disaster
At a glance his looks 
Spears my soul like a screw

We‘re in the circus full of shame
I‘ll never wanna be the same

Lights go out - The crowd is roused 
The circus march goes on 
Or is that just the sound 
Of plowing through life on and on?
Clowns on stilts creeping around me 
Silent giggling, traceless entry 
Two-head Fred, a dwarf race around with candy
Well, here he comes the living torso, 
Bearded lady as a gogo 
What the hell - is that in my head?

I‘m the voice who let you know – we want you for so long - We would like to make you our attraction Number1 - Just stay calm and lets enjoy our mutation fun - Sorry, we wont let you run until the job is done!

“Ladies and gents the show is starting
Take your seats and stop your talking 
We present a girl in segments!” 

Last nail rotte  in my coffin
Now I’m 6 feet underground – the place where I belong 
Last nail rotten in my coffin 
No reason to run more rounds, I am gone …

You said you’ll never, you’ll never, you will never change 
But now you dont turn back if we’re calling your name 
Oh You forget how to make it right 
How to stand your ground without crooked fright

You said you’ll love me,you’ll love me, you’ll love me till end 
Oh but once I turn back you were breaking my neck 
You left me for an easy life 
That was better than the words you left behind 

Now you can dig me out. There is nothing to be found
I can do what I want because I was never bound
I said I’ll never, I’ll never forget how you kiss
Oh but now after all thats the last what I miss
I go my way without weight by my side 
Now let’s drink some booze,oh yeah it’s party time 

Watch out of Hungary's biowaste
Maybe it’s hiding a human brain 
Oh a boy - might have said something wrong 
I wonder how hard it had to be 
To chop up your boy as drunk as she 
Just a bin – responsable for all her sins 

When the curtain rise , we all clap our hands
Fot the blood, for the hate , for disease
With no edge of wrong 
We just moving on and on 

Dead and Breakfast 
Just for you ! 

Ready for our delicious stew ?
Our special chef could make one for you 
No big deal – he just needs a knife to peel 
I wonder how hard had to be this job 
To cram your girl in this little pot 
What a grime for such a sick delicate time  

6 AM , I am on the bus
And laugh about the god you trust 
Have you ever seen what I see? 
„No way out” they shout 
with every breath 
I see all the fears in their head 
How could I smile when all they cry? 

I want to show the faith my middle finger, 
I wanna show it, but there is no way out! 

On the sorrow bus dust fades the people
On the sorrow bus shades stay alive 
Thousand miles away from where I want to stay 
Till the sorrow bus ends his hellride

Rotten breeze, I feel a homeless man 
Does he sleep, or is he dead? 
Society yells: I dont care! 
Undead heads, like bats
Just hang around
Smell of piss – fuck,  I wanna shout! 
Grey clouds in my mind drags me down  

I course this day , the sorrow bus smashed my faith 
I course this day, the sorrow bus brings me away 

When I was a little girl, my mama told me Sue 
„ Live your life without lies and figth for the truth „ 
Maybe Im a pretty ass, but hey I just play fair 
A great aspect till life forgets to drop me more jokers in my hand 
Twisted and shook me, used me as a pill 
When you felt down you swallowed all of my goodwill 
Went beyond the pale , run me down for your  sins 
On and on down the hill, now Im writing your  bill 

Down the hill I feel lost my mind 
Hand in hand my shades gonna rise 
My raving head , makes you pretty sad 
But this time I wont feel regret 

I lick my wounds, deal with thoughts I never had before 
Oh I hate to break your heart , but mine is broken more
Chances after chances - but you threw them all away 
I scream and shout, you laught me out 
So tell me how can you smile so proud ? 

She loves you but hates you ,doesn’t feel respect 
She`s the monster you create with each of your steps 
You think that you win, but you damage the best 
I got into the night to come back satisfied 

Down – the hill – we feel – lost our mind 

We know not even one of us can win this at the end .
So sad.... so sad ... so sad 

Have you ever heard of them 
The shades who offer you a chance
To get societies' starlight 
And all you have to do

Is to change your name, forget your style ,
and almost everything you are ,
no time to ask, hell, do your best
just be what the brand needs

When you wake up – first is the make up
Food is poison for you dear
Check the mirror, Babe from now on you eat water with some air
And if you’re really good – you gonna lose your boobs
Just after all, once you can go on the catwalk

Don't feed the models, don't feed the models
Don't feed, don't feed the models after midnight
Don't feed the models, don't feed the models
Don't feed, don't feed the models at night

Have you ever heard of them
The gremlins of wonderland
The ones who gonna laugh out loud
if you tell them what to do
No way to give up their style
Cause it's burned in their skin and eyes
With every move they make to prove
Don't need your fucking rules !
Little mad, but never sad
Unbreakable sick maniacs.
Hot as hell, they’re not to sell ,but always ready to attack
They won't follow you - just do what they wanna do
And don't care if you ever share their point of view .

Without an intention I got your attention – lets see if you can listen, not just spit 
Your awesome conclusion based on an illusion  -  makes me seeing red little bit 
So I gotta go, we gotta go! No one is perfect! Yes I know!
But honestly I never try to be. 
I tread the water, keep my head up
That’s the shit what makes me stronger
Sure you know it better than me 

Face to face - Or run away, run away 
Face to face - Tell it to my eyes
Face to face - There´s no escape, no escape
Face to face - Or get out my life 
It’s a castration or just your frustration makes you talk so wise things all around
In my constitution you`re like some pollution who just want to foil to stand my ground
I just try live out life. Even if I do all right,
You gonna search till you find something wrong 
Doesn’t matter what I do you will find a way to sue 
Yeah behind my back you`re so strong 
I wonder where did you left your life, that you have so much time to waste with analyzing mine.
What have I done? Just let me know. You don’t hesitate to tell everyone else so … 

ALL I WANT ( Feat. Vic Victor from the Koffin Kats ) 
I wonder every night, when I walk alone 
Why I’m the only girl who never got a rose 
I wonder every night, when I walk alone

I wonder every night, is there anyone ?
Who will answer all the letters that  I wrote to the one
I wonder every night, when Im walking alone …
Do I need anyone ? 

I knew it at first sight, it was like a shark bite
Your voodoo-karma grabbed me, didn’t let me go 

When I saw your blue eyes it was like a snake bite
Your poison made my heart beats on and on for you 

Will I stay or run away 
You chase me as a drug
Every night I curse the day 
When we felt in hate-love 

All I want – is raising my glass
All I want – when I know that your dead
All I want – is just you by my side 
All I want – is at least 8 more lives  

You’re home with the devil
You  freak-hunter rebel
Please let me ram on day an icepick into your head.

You know I’m hypnotized 
Of your freakin hot smile 
But even more I wanna see an axt in your back 

Even I tried, but I dont find
A way that keeps me satisfied 
Oh I can’t go on with or without you 
There’s no light, after all fights 
How can I still be magnetized
Oh I wish that I’d never met you 

I want it all - I want it now!

I wonder every night when I walk alone,
Will I ever find the way to the one
I wonder every night when I walk alone
Do I need anyone?

I wake up and don't understand, what that bad feeling is around 
My headache kills, I need some pills before I can find my thoughts

We always moved on side by side
Drank all night and forgot those types
of sorrows you’re now fearing.
I saw this something in your eyes
That something in you slowly dies
You just  said: „Are you kidding?”
Why did you stop to stand your ground for your goals,
When did you stop to fighting for your soul, our soul…

I thought I saw you standing there, but I know you don't exist
I thought I heard your voice again, but I know you don't exist
Every time I close my eyes I wish you were alive
I could kill you, tell me why did you leave me behind

Now I walk this road alone
And feel the whisper in my bones
I have nothing to lose
Tell me, has this day an end  
Do I have to give up my friend 
What was your excuse 
What is it what banished you away from me?
What is that what I have never seen or been,

Tell me why did you left me behind 
All your lies made me cold as ice 

You’ re the only undead
I can’t get you out of my head
I will drag you down to the otherside
I know heaven sounds well
But believe me in hell
We will have a good time

I played with my boys
Like my cat with her toys
But you run as a bulldog in my life
Oh, I felt so weak
It was hard to breath
When the devil throw his burning dice
Not even you can crack his smile

I started to panic if someone wanted to be a part of my life
My only love was rock’n roll, but you could touch my crazy mind

I’ll drag you down, I’ll drag you down
Where the sun wont ever shine
I’ll drag you down, I’ll drag you down
Let us leave this world behind

The only undead 
Who’s still stuck in my head 
I’ll drag you down to the otherside
Heaven sounds well
But believe me in hell
We could left for free our life behind   
To be each others in crime 

Hell was full, so I came back to you 

Burning dices in your hand - Let the evil smile
Put your rotten life on red - Let the evil smile
Flaming hot rods in the night - Let the evil smile
Rock ’n Roll till you die - Let the evil smile
There’s no escape if you let the evil in your mind

Hardcore maniac sick girls
Devil beat, voodoo curse
Drinking whiskey, up to smoke 
Tatto your rebel soul
There’s no escape if you let the evil in your mind

Shake your, your billybones 
Shake your freaky creepy bones 

No idea about last night
Who’s that cock by my side? 
Something more in your drink 
Hunting for dirty things

Wanna drink more and more 
See you bleeding on the floor 
Wanna spank, spank your ass 
Wish your an awful dead 

Once I’m broken, once I’m beating you 
Once I’m singin that „I’ll never give it up” loud 
Once I’m frozen, once you bleeding through
Once I’m singing that „I’ll never give it up”so loud 
Was it me , was it you, was there anything 
That made the sand ran out of my hand 
What should I do? Have no clue what do you want from me 
What the hell are  you talking again
Im on the edge  to lose all my respect 
I try to forgive and  forgetting the rest 
Never kick me when I’m down, cause when I get back up, 
you are fucked , cause I  never forget.

Telling me, telling you  that I’ll never be 
Good enough for anyone else  
Will you know, where to go, when Im leaving you 
And I dance to the ring of the bells 
Say I’m not worth it and watch where I end up 
Maybe with scratches  but gonna stand proud
So how long will you  try to crack my evil smile? 
Here’s a one-way-ticket straight out of my life 
I’m so mad at you – now you gotta gotta go 
I can’t stand how you move – now you gotta gotta go 
How can I prove that you really gotta gotta go 
There’s no light in the fight, just move on . 

I wont feel regret  - now you gotta gotta go 
For those things that I said – now you gotta gotta go 
No more place on my side – now you gotta gotta go 
No im up , you go down – just move on 
I will not regret for those things that I said
No more place on my side
Now I’m up you go down – just move on