Single Review "Why Do You Talk"

By Horror Punk News UK 

"A few years ago a band i had the great pleasure of supporting on their debut UK show split up, I was gutted for them because i knew they worked very hard to build up a reputation.... However that reputation brought them back to us. Last year the band fronted by Shakey Sue returned with a new line up to do a American tour. I was gutted that the line up had changed tho, Until i heard Why Do You Wanna Talk..... 

Disclaimer- They have left the Horror Punk behind, But this is my website so if i want to review them I will! 

As i said about the days of Circus of Shame seem behind them Sue backed up with a fresh sounding band they now smack you in the face with a force that you wont expect if you judge them from the other albums. 

Moving very much in a Riot Girl style it suits Sue's vocals perfect. So much more than the Horrorbilly style, I always felt this would be the direction they would head and im so fucking pleased they have. 

I firmly believe that this new Hellfreaks line up will only grow in strenght and can become a name you won't forget in a hurry. 

Ok they are not Horror Punk any more but you know something? Good, that was holding them back a little, Now just sit back and watch them explode."

John Rose, Horror Punk News UK