Men in grey, let me play
One more night 
Without fearing my last sight
Men in grey, let me take
One respire
Without chasing my time

Hit the brakes
Whatever it takes!
Stop in the eye of the storm, hold on tight
The World is rushing
Do you see them?
You can’t, they are too fast!
Do you hear them?
How could you from the past?
Appreciate the time you have
One day you’ll miss the life you had

Look behind
The screen of life!
Did you ever take a break under an old tree? 
It isn’t power
No, it’s not their wage
It isn't flowers
It is just their age 
Which makes them majestic and grand
Life in your years counts for the …

Tic-tac-tic-tac, time to see their tactic 
Tic-tac-tic, don’t take your time for granted


Under the red sky
I wave my flag which says
We never, never forget
Under the red sky
We turn to stags and raise our antlers
Tonight we gore your threats

Goddamn, why am I here again, why am I here again
I'm falling. I hate the smell of cigarettes,
But I smoked myself to death
I smiled back to so much pain, to so much pain
For nothing. Broken lips transfixed by all they're holding back.

Stop cutting me down to your size, cutting down to your size
I'm drowning. One day we could all laugh hard
But first we fall apart
You’ve pushed us down from the plank, deep down from plank
So now we're all together to make it better

You'd rather snuggle up the trunk and ask the fall leaves
If they could hide you from the march of angry feet
We can't wait to see your face when you will fall from grace
We'll raise our antlers high to hail our broken chains
We are the ones your forget, the ones you left behind
We are your desperation, all that had tied you blind
We are the ones you chose for giving the bitter pills
We are burned out sleepwalkers without our dreaming skills


I think especially of you
When I wish it could be true:
Stay forever young
Don't leave these words unsung
I think especially of you
I could never make it through
If you turn me astray
Lost on our promenade

Hello sun, don’t you regret
Rising up each day
You know how it ends.
Let’s skip the romance: 

The winter will come,
Freeze all your work down
As a rose-color-blind type
I don’t need glasses to see
How these journeys
End too early

Hello sea, don’t you regret
Sharing your happiness that
We can’t hold, but take all your gold
And turn it to rust
But leave you in dust 

I would rather stay awake
Than count the broken dreams
That were born to riot
But choke quiet

Only you can keep the light
Only you can keep all hope alive
When the rest of me has died
One day you might be gone
What if I can not stay strong
You make my illusions so bright 


Crave for the wind in your doldrum dynasty
Through your inner-sea to breath finally
Heave a sigh of relief
When the storm breaks down the walls

Just don’t let me fall asleep
Cause dreams avoid my bed
Something in my inner depth
Shouts a hole in my head
Hey don’t you hear
The fading starting signal?
Hey don’t you fear
Being idle way too long?

Like a fly in the spiderweb
I’m fading on the spot
What I need, what I need so bad
Is a mighty stone through it
I need a bomb
To stop me from looking back
Life is too short
Not to know where to run

Pack your broken pieces away
And dare to fail, oh dare to fail
One happy day all you will say:
I just dared to fail 


We are, we are the kids of the witches that
You never, never could burn or even catch
We are, we are the kids who go hard,
Who’ve been through the dark
Witches heal – watch out !

Don’t  turn around or dare to take a step away
Slowly I’m gonna push my forehead to yours to feel your shame
I beg you don’t freak, don’t freak, don’t freak out
Just cause we see more, see more than you thought
I can see the space where once your soul has been

Do you see the mighty storm where all the kids like us were born?
It made us grow solid roots that no one could ever destroy
Glass can’t, glass can’t cut our feet
Walking on hot coal turned us strong and free
One thing that’s left to say: our spell’s just begun 

Some days we just have to put on our black hats,
To show them why they should take the monkeys off our back.

Too many lies – made you fear the right
Too many fights – just made our fire rise
Too many nights –  we missed the rising sun
The only thing that’s left to say: our spell has begun. 


I wish I could have your brain in my head, 
And feel your heart in my chest
All I really want is to be
I want to be more like you 

Mirror on the wall
Please fall down!
I just feel so small
When you’re around.
Since the very start
I’ve been trying hard to believe that I could,
I could be any kind of book
Not just one more story to look 
At bored. You know
I would die to be so …

I still inhale
What you’re breathing out
Even my words
Sound better from your mouth 
Each of my steps
Costs so much sweat, but you make it while you, 
You just do what you are made for
As I crave to make just one score  
God, you’re so perfect
I’ll never be worth it 


Adrenalized, loaded by lights
We run, we run over the highs
Kissed by the faun, kids of the dawn
Get up, adjust your cold crown

I know your heart beats in slow motion
I know you’re feeling pretty fed up
It’s like a whirlpool in the ocean 
It pulls you down before you get up! 

I know your lungs are full of water
It makes your bloodstream burn brighter
I know the waves crash down stronger 
But it remains your inner- fighter 

Don’t be captivated
Broken lines will fade and
Just look how far
You already made it 
This cold crown will melt you
And let you forget things
Raise your head high
Let’s drip as drops to calmer seas


As above, so walk below
God I try to live like a hero
So why am I hit by another shot? 
Each eaten crow shouts for a new god
As above, so walk below
We try to live like those heroes
With screaming monkeys on our backs
We might end up like mad cats in a bag 

Right here, I wanna feel
That I’m worth it too while I’m staying real
But honestly, even the blind can see
That I lose myself when I side with you.
It’s not me, it’s a trick
How I manage to slip
Through the way that they said
That I should live.
I try to see the world like you
But I set those limits that
Takers rarely do 

You’re what I should be.
I try to fit into the world you see
So right for me so right for you.
Damn, you turn the fake so true.
Whenever they smile
You still believe that it’s fine
But whenever I gave
They took the rest of my faith.
My faith, just don’t turn to hate .
I won’t fall to my knees
I’m held by my soul-tree

Let me drown till I disappear,
Cause I fear, cause I fear
What if this sign on my heart
Tears me into pieces
Instead of being the right place for the seeds of change


Boy I can’t turn clear water in
To silken red wine, red wine.
No, I can’t save your soul
It’s too late
I’m not, I’m not, not the chosen one.

Take a sip,
I swear there’s no trick,
I guess you won’t like the taste,
Boy, you won’t like the taste
Of my soul.
Why does it feel way too old?
Off the wall, don’t stare at me my Mona Lisa.

Shut them down
Those lights burn me out
Your words are like a crown,
Your words are like a crown of boiled,
Hot oil.
Only drugs hate me more, 
Than I do, when I face myself
I am too much or too less

I shine with deeper shades 
Just go away, don’t make me fade, don’t make me fade
That is what I am, but I’m fine, okay?  
Just leave my lane...


You end up goddamn boring 
If you’re still ignoring 
What happened to the kid in you 
You think it would be crazy 
But it is just damn lazy 
Take a risk, do something true! 
Do you hear me? Hey, listen good!
Quiet words can get misunderstood 
Do you hear me? Hey, you have stripes too!
Cat or tiger, who are you? 

I can’t swallow the part 
That might break your heart 
But you’re learning too slow 
Your head hangs too low 
Let me hold your chin up for good 
Joker or King 
The braver will win 
But big men will try to prove 
That cards can’t get laid out by someone like you 
Follow me down on my knees
I hope you like it more than me 

No pressure, no diamond, 
No no, don’t enjoy the silence 
Make them talk about your choice 
Why do you feed dreams 
That are never involving you? 
How will your movie end 
If you are always just a preview? 
The only thought that you should fear 
“Fuck my life! Why am I still here?”