Men in grey, let me play
One more night 
Without fearing my last sight
Men in grey, let me take
One respire
Without chasing my time

Hit the brakes
Whatever it takes!
Stop in the eye of the storm, hold on tight
The World is rushing
Do you see them?
You can’t, they are too fast!
Do you hear them?
How could you from the past?
Appreciate the time you have
One day you’ll miss the life you had

Look behind
The screen of life!
Did you ever take a break under an old tree? 
It isn’t power
No, it’s not their wage
It isn't flowers
It is just their age 
Which makes them majestic and grand
Life in your years counts for the …

Tic-tac-tic-tac, time to see their tactic 
Tic-tac-tic, don’t take your time for granted


Under the red sky
I wave my flag which says
We never, never forget
Under the red sky
We turn to stags and raise our antlers
Tonight we gore your threats

Goddamn, why am I here again, why am I here again
I'm falling. I hate the smell of cigarettes,
But I smoked myself to death
I smiled back to so much pain, to so much pain
For nothing. Broken lips transfixed by all they're holding back.

Stop cutting me down to your size, cutting down to your size
I'm drowning. One day we could all laugh hard
But first we fall apart
You’ve pushed us down from the plank, deep down from plank
So now we're all together to make it better

You'd rather snuggle up the trunk and ask the fall leaves
If they could hide you from the march of angry feet
We can't wait to see your face when you will fall from grace
We'll raise our antlers high to hail our broken chains
We are the ones your forget, the ones you left behind
We are your desperation, all that had tied you blind
We are the ones you chose for giving the bitter pills
We are burned out sleepwalkers without our dreaming skills


I think especially of you
When I wish it could be true:
Stay forever young
Don't leave these words unsung
I think especially of you
I could never make it through
If you turn me astray
Lost on our promenade

Hello sun, don’t you regret
Rising up each day
You know how it ends.
Let’s skip the romance: 

The winter will come,
Freeze all your work down
As a rose-color-blind type
I don’t need glasses to see
How these journeys
End too early

Hello sea, don’t you regret
Sharing your happiness that
We can’t hold, but take all your gold
And turn it to rust
But leave you in dust 

I would rather stay awake
Than count the broken dreams
That were born to riot
But choke quiet

Only you can keep the light
Only you can keep all hope alive
When the rest of me has died
One day you might be gone
What if I can not stay strong
You make my illusions so bright