If you are the interviewer ...

We answered a looooot of interviews in the past.  Some were super cool and we had fun to answer it - and some belong more to the category "hard work" because we thought noone one earth can be really interested in THAT questions. So it came in our mind to ask you guys directly: what would you really love to now about us? 
Our facebook post was such a succes that we got more than 50 questions in 48 hours.
Now it's time to publish it - here is your interview with Shakey Sue

1. Matt asked: "Do you wanna build a snowman?" 
I’m a summertype person. So I prefer if there is no possibility to build a snowman. ;-) 
2. Adam asked: "Do you prefer cloudy days or clear skies?" 
If I could build up my perfect weather it would be cloudy days with a bit rain but at least 27°C – and all that with beautiful beach. Any ideas? 

3. Morgan asked: "How has your format change been effecting your fan base, do you think it's more accessible now that your moving a bit away from that psycho/horror genre or do you think your origional fans may be put off by the change." 
Both. I wanted to change our genre because I didn’t wanted to repeat myself. After 2 psycho/horrorpunk albums I had the feeling that I can’t make something new closed in this „box”. I haven’t thinking about the reaction of the fanbase, cause even you are all important to me, but I’m just not that kind of person, who can be like others wanted to having me. 
Now after the release and after touring with the new album it turned out so much better than we expect. We found new people and also the „old” fanbase seems to like it! Our old stuff belonged to the new-psycho-wave which is influenced pretty much by punkrock – what means we didn’t went that far with Astoria from our roots. Just a step forward and not backward in my point of view. 
On the other side: I’m totaly fine with people who don’t like the new sound. If they are only into psycho/horrorpunk, they are totally right: cause this is no more billy anymore. 

4. Mike asked: "Will you  post a picture with pigtails?" 
It’s not planned yet.  

5. Fred asked: "Are you close to the kustom kulture & bikers ? And would you like to have a bike ?" 
I’m always open for new things. ;-) 

6. Manu asked: "Go to make you a concert in France during the next festival as the cry baby?" 
We already had a gig in France at Chopper Fest in this festival season but we won’t have more this summer. But anyway, I’m just doing festivals, concerts, anything as me. Not Johnny Depp. 

7. Logan asked: " I know it's hard, but what are the 5 bands that influence ou the most?" 
Uff, hard one … which came first in my mind and influenced me, not the band, are: The Distillers, Brody Dalle, The Pretty Reckless, Ignite, Offspring, Bad Religion 

8. Martin asked: "How about a uk tour with The Creepshow?" 
Will be there in a second if anyone organize this! 
9. Mike asked: "Godless Girl's Fun and Boogie Man were great videos. Any plans to do some more?" 
2 more videoclips are planed for this year. One is a roadmovie that we record at this summerfestivals season. And the other one is planned as your next Boogieman.;-) 

10. Jason asked: "Will you marry me?" 
Don’t take it personally, but my answer is no. 

11. & 12. Steve & Kenau asked: "What band would you like to play with?" 
Would love to play with Brody Dalle. 

13. Lucifer asked: "If u were a dog what dog would u be?" 
A clumsy one

14. Gordon asked: "Which bands do you listen too?" 
I’m listening to a pretty wide range. It would be a way long list to name all of them. But they all belong to the rock genre. I think my only no go-s in that genre is SKA music. I’m just way too bored of it.   

15. Shawn asked: "What are your top five movies?" 
I totally love fantasy movies. So my top five movies are all LOTR movies and The Hobbit, which are already more than 5. 

16. Eric asked: "Best punk band ever?" 
That’s like asking „ Who is the most beautiful girl ever?”. There is no answer for this. But I think from the new punk bands Barb Wirde Dolls are those who have the authentic spirit. 

17. Andrew asked: "Favorite beer and/or liquor?" 
A Guiness in a bar in Dublin. 

18. Dakota asked: "Where is the boogie, the boogie the boogieman?" 
„ At my sweet home…” 

19. Jonny asked: "Dream concert ticket to work /to attend?" 
I still miss the Offspring from my giglist. 

20. Nigel asked: "Cats rats or bats? " 
CATS!!!! CATS!!!! CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

21. Joseph asked: "Whens your next music video" 
End of this summer. 

22. Oneal asked: "What happened to the up right bassist" 
Let’s say he broke up with his upright bass. He just did not appear at our european Halloween Tour 2014. This happened literally – he just did’nt came to the meetingpoint so we had to start a tour without him … you can imagine what a pain in the a** that was for us. He also sold his bass a week later and never turned up again. 

23. Eder asked: "You still freakin out in the stage???" 
If I would’nt, all that would have not any sense. 

24. Oscar asked: "Whats the meaning of life?" 

25. Hiroaki: "Will u come over for a dinner w/ me in Japon?" 
We have to make it to Japan first. After that we can discuss the details. 

26. Renáta kérdezte: "Lesz-e idén magyarországi koncert?" 
Ez valóban egy nagyon jó kérdés. J Egyelőre nincsen semmi a láthatáron de játszunk a gondolattal, hogy esetleg év vége felé Budapesten egy kis club bulit megpróbáljunk. Bejártuk az egész világot, de itthoni színtéren ég mindig babacipőben járunk. Így minden bíztatás különösen jól esik itthonról. 
27. Scotty asked: " Which is better, dusk or dawn?" 

28. Made asked: "Which was your first purchased record?" 
Green Day: Dookie 

29. Justin asked: "What's the most perverted memory's from the band?" 
The connection between bandmembers is kind of pervert cause you know way more about each other than what you would like to know. But on the other hand, there is no memory that I could put in your category. 

30. Timber asked: "Biggest influence (both musically & not), is?" 
I already answered the first part of it. My not-musically influence is my own mind, the life that surrounds me, the society, politics, tragedies, sunshine, hate and love, everything. 

31. Marcel asked: „ What are your favourite authors?” 
Tolkien, Robert Merle, Stephen King, Michael Crichton 

32.-50.) Mike and Patrik and Patryk and Ville and Jason and Sergio and Jason and Gordon  and Jamie and Justin and Timothy and Bradley and Nico and Daniel and Jason and Andres and Ed asked: "Will you play in Nashville/ Rochester, Ny/ Poland, Woodstock Festival/ Finnland / Canada/  Argentina/ Chicago/ atl ga USA/ UK/ USA/  Texas/ USA/ Ohio/ San Antonio/ Mexiko/  New York City/… 
Guys, you are super sweet for asking this, cause it shows us, that you would like to have us all around the world. But the truth is, that YOU are the only one, who can make it to bring us  over there. We would like to tour at all of these places and even more. But as long we don’t get invited by booker we can’t do anything. Talk to your local booker, talk to your festivals, talk to those who are managing your scene. We always love to get hints for get festivals that we might haven’t known. But we can’t make is as long you did not show your interest about us to your local booker. That why all the bands shout SUPPORT THE SCENE! 
You can find all of our fixed dates right here.